Our partners

Our ambition is to create, support and strengthen Franco-Czech cooperation in the nuclear field.

Business development

Our team of experts works with SIGMA, the largest manufacturer of pump systems in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with them on a mapping of the French market in order to meet SIGMA's international ambitions. We are supporting SIGMA to increase their chances to get the project of a new power plant construction in France.

ZAT is one of four companies in the EU that design, manufacture and supply instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants.

EPDOR and EPDOR FRANCE assist ZAT with the qualification process to become part of the supply chain on future EDF project. 

We are proud of our long-standing cooperation with UJV, a leader in radioactive waste management. We provide support for the establishment of relationships between UJV and French companies, on engineering activities, and safe operation of nuclear power plants. 

Long term cooperation

We have a long-standing partnership with Gifen, the professional association of the nuclear industry, with whom we organized the "Nuclear day" in June 2021 at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris. This day, initiated by EPDOR, gathered the most important actors of the French and Czech nuclear industry.

Download our "Nuclear day" 2021 brochure:  

Ongoing collaboration

EDF, the leading supplier, producer and transporter of electricity in France, trusts us. We are going to support EDF in the implementation of new projects in order to provide them with the Czech know-how that will meet the challenges of these projects. This is the beginning of an ambitious and promising collaboration between our two companies, which we hope will last.

EPDOR group projects